Villa Vittoria


We are proud to be part of AMOT : the association of Montaione’s hoteliers and accomodation providers, a group made up of more than 30 local owners of apartments, B&B’s and in general housing for vacationers.
AMOT’s main goal is to provide support and answers to those who wish to spend their holidays in the wonderful Tuscan hills, among which Montaione and its surrounding areas are one of the most choosen and unique destinations.
Tourists needs are always different, may it be a family, a couple or sports and leisure seekers, and the best way to make the most of the Tuscan Experience is to ask the locals, those who have put their heart and soul in this land, those who can really give you the feeling of being a part of Tuscany and not just “a tourist”.
For AMOT and it’s associates, you’re never just a tourist, we live to share our values, our history, our flavours with you to carry in your hearts and minds forever.
AMOT does not provide only accomodation but the “Tuscan lifestyle” in it’s entirety by organzing weekly events and happenings from wine and food tours to hiking and horse back riding, relaxing walks among natural sites and postcard landscapes.
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